Alternative Illusions


…or Life after ACS (Alternative Civilian Service)

There are people on Earth, for whom being safe from attacks and wars is not enough. They obsessively need their citizens to be ready to threaten and kill other human beings. They made the decision to recruit the youngest of the population. They taught them to kill and maim people, and, in case of any threat towards their wellbeing, even sacrifice those young lives in order to save their own. It is called the compulsory military service, or conscription.

There are people on Earth who do not comply with killing and hurting other human beings, neither for their compatriots, nor even for the sake of their loved ones. They succeeded in substituting the military service for an alternative one, which requires no weapons. They fulfilled this duty without being burdened, while investing several years of their lives, an invaluable capital, for the wellbeing of their compatriots. The same compatriots who are ready to dispose of their lives in any way they see fit.

It seems that this alternative service should be the solution to all problems. The example set by these people should inspire many who refuse to participate in threating and violent behaviour. The reality, however, is different.

Hardly having paid this “debt” to society, these good and trusting people will go back to actively participating in the propagation of violence, which takes the mundane shape of taxes and consumerism. They buy a loaf of bread, a litre of gas, and a kilowatt of electricity – and immediately they finance and support the power structures of their area. When they utilize goods and services mandated by the government, they justify their country’s use of armed forces.

Do they kill with their own hands? No. But they pay those who do – and will continue paying day after day, month after month, and year after year…

It would seem impossible not to notice, because even those who opted for the Alternative Civilian Service are not the only ones who support murder. Everyone kills – fathers and mothers do, sons and daughters do, husbands and wives do, close and distant relatives do; our friends, acquaintances and neighbours, colleagues, partners, bosses, and employees kill. Killing is done by men and women, young and old, healthy and sick, strong and weak; those from the city and those from the country, shepherds and professors, priests and presidents, housewives and businessmen. All over the world. Daily. Endlessly.

But the inaction of the traditional way of life is so strong that, although for the time being it gives us an illusion of non-involvement with murder, it still forces the bravest and most sincere people into a cesspool of violence – as it did long before the Alternative Civil Service was available.

Guys! Finishing your ACS does not mean that the test set to you by the Providence through your compatriots (and yourself) is over. It has only just begun.

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