The only e-magazine about nonviolence in Russia

Nonviolence Road Map

The only e-magazine about nonviolence in Russia

What could be more important in this life than learning not to harm and not to kill the people?

Dear Readers,

This magazine is about our common crime against God, life and love, which immediately devalues all our good deeds and worthy endeavors. Namely, it is about legalized opposition to evil by violence: murders and mutilations of people for the reasons of protection of own life, the motherland and those, who are close.

Each of us morally and materially supports the existence of army, police and other power structures, the work of whom is called to “protect” and to “prevent”, but, practically, carries out threats of murders, and direct harm and deaths of people.

NONVIOLENCE ROAD MAP – is a magazine about how to stop participating in it. How to stop to be in need and how to stop taking part in the common crime: murders and mutilations of people.


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Alternative civilian tax. Our right to stop financing the murders

What can we oppose to the law, that turns people into murderers? Literally, without any exaggeration… Perhaps, the best choice would be the the law of humility and love: “Acquire the Spirit of Peace and a thousand souls around you will be saved”. But, studying humility, there is no way to put up with killings and mutilation of people. It is just impossible.   It is the time to share...

Costa Rica: 70 years with no army

Without attempting for completeness and correctness, I will allow myself to share observations from meeting this country: with the happiest people on Earth (according to Happy Planet Index) with absence of army for already 70 years – not conscription, and not under contract. Recently, the preview of the annual report of OSAC has came to my attention. It presented unfortunate data: Costa Rica...

Montessori. What stays beyond the textbooks

To achieve peace, the peace must be taught, and not the competition. Actually, this is the full quote: Todo el mundo habla de paz, pero nadie educa para la paz. La gente educa para la competencia, y la competencia es el principio de cualquier guerra. Everyone speaks about peace, but no one teaches peace. People learn how to compete, and the competition – is the beginning of any war. This is Pablo...

Dreaming of the World Without Violence? Start With Yourself

— Do you know what is the most terrifying lie of our generation, reader? It is not that “without asking for it” we were forced into a world filled with blood, tears, threats and violence. There is of course another side of peace, light and happiness. The most terrifying lie of our lifetime is that, in order to survive in this world, from early childhood we are subtly taught to reciprocate...

Do not want to kill people. My story

When I first faced this problem, as well as the dominant very loyal attitude to it in the society, I couldn’t help, but asked myself a question. Why do we live, like nothing happened, knowing, that the price of our tranquility is the fear of violence that we evoke in people, and the very violence itself – cruel, bloody, inhuman? Why does not it worry and hurt us? Hi! My name is Aleksandr, I...

The only e-magazine about nonviolence in Russia

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